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Patricia C. Hammond
"Miss Pat"

March 3, 1937 - November 27, 2020

Honoring the life and testimony of Pat Hammond

"I say to you that many will come from the east and the west, and will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of Heaven." - Matt. 8:11

pat hammond

Pat Hammond

Pat prepared thousands - most likely millions- of meals through the course of her life. But today, she sits at a new table - one not made with human hands. She eats with saints of whom we have read. She dines with friends and family who went before. And forever she is in the presence of her Saviour, Jesus Christ.

NarroWay's head chef for 24 years went to be with the Lord on November 27, 2020, following complications from surgery. Pat was 83. She worked faithfully in the NarroWay kitchen until she had to quarantine in preparation. She was eager to return to her duties. She was a rock in this ministry.

Pat loved what she did, where she worked and Who she served. She was always telling people about the Lord and about NarroWay. Even on her final hospital visit, she was heard asking attending nurses, "Are you a Christian? Have you been to NarroWay?"

Pat was actually a surgical nurse by training and trade. She worked in various hospitals as well as a private practice for over 35 years. But when NarroWay founders Yvonne Clark and Rebecca Martin moved to Fort Mill to renovate an amphitheater and incorporate NarroWay, Pat left everything to follow. She took an early retirement, moved from Kentucky and put her hands to work wherever they were needed.

To those who knew Pat, that kind of commitment from her was not surprising. She was a faithful volunteer in her church and always eager to see what God might have in mind next.

Pat was arguably NarroWay's biggest fan. She was a dear friend to Birdie and Rebecca. She treasured the team of volunteers that surrounded her in NarroWay's kitchen. She loved the cast and was thrilled by the crowds. She cherished the fact that the food she prepared brought joy to so many and counted it a privilege to be part of NarroWay's big picture.

Through the years, her life impacted many. Maybe you were led by her in "Cherub Choir." Maybe you were attended by her on a doctor's visit. Maybe you shared a meal or enjoyed one of her delicious birthday cakes. Maybe you sat beside her in Sunday School. Maybe you were one of the hundreds of youth she fed in "CrossRoads." Maybe she put a costume on you for a show. Maybe you ate one of her delicious meals at the NarroWay Theatre. Maybe you were family. Maybe you were a friend. Whatever your relationship, Pat made a difference in your life - directly or indirectly.

We have suffered a tremendous loss. But we know Pat is alive and well in the arms of Jesus.

If you knew Pat, we don't have to tell you that she believed in the vision of this ministry. Thank you for remembering her with your memorial contribution to NarroWay. We will honor her as we continue changing entertainment and changing eternity.

You may contribute via credit card by completing the form below. If you would prefer to send a check, please include "In Memory of Pat Hammond" in your memo and send to:

NarroWay Productions
3327 Hwy. 51
Fort Mill SC 29715.

NarroWay Productions is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible. To make your contribution, please complete the form below. Only fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

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Pat Hammond Memorial

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