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Each post ends with a short "Life Application" section, where you can privately reflect upon your own life and experiences related to the current blog.

Chapter 7: The Truth About Potatoes

raw potatoes

God taught me something about potatoes.

Yep! She was microwaving as these truths began to spill out.

While my microwave was humming, and my potato was spinning inside, it came to me: Potatoes have some wonderful qualities that people should emulate!

I can hear it now- a new college leadership course: Potatoship 101.

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Chapter 6: What Ryan Taught Me About God

child with bible

After every NarroWay show, the cast children come up to the tech area, where we are, and pick out one small piece of candy as a reward.

If we perform two shows, they get two candies.

Over the years this piece of candy has come to represent way more than a sweet treat. It has become an edible trophy for a job-well-done.

Rebecca has become a master at making candy a motivator.

Example: “If you help pick up the trash, you get to be first in line for candy.” Or, “If you do a super good job watching Miss Birdie tonight, you get two candies.”

Rebecca has transformed many a child’s acting abilities right before my eyes using her magical tub of candy. I’ve seen her go by a bawling youngster and simply say: “Cry-babies don’t get candy,” and, miraculously, their hurt goes away.

But this is the story of Ryan and his candy.

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Chapter 5: The Voices in My Head

voices in head

Whose voice are you listening to?
Your answer dictates the direction of your life.

Funny as it sounds, we ALL hear voices in our heads, and which voice we choose to listen to makes ALL the difference.

I recently saw this quote:
“AN HONEST ENEMY IS BETTER THAN A LYING FRIEND.” (Monria Titans, Facebook, first posted Jan. 10, 2014)

There is no such thing as a lying “friend.” That’s an oxymoron.

But lying does have a source.
Just as John Adams is the Father of the Constitution, as George Washington is the Father of this great United States - lying, too, has a father.
Satan is the Father of Lies.

John 8:44 - Here’s a paraphrase: “Satan is a liar. In fact, one could say that lying is his native language, his MO - modus operandi. He is the father of lies.”

You see, Satan IS your lying “friend.”

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