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Have you ever wondered how NarroWay got its start? We're going back to the very beginning to walk through the incredible journey with NarroWay founders Rebecca Martin and Yvonne Clark!

Chapter 41: Fiasco

directors looking concerned

We opened the NarroWay Theater with a WW2, patriotic-to-the-bone NarroWay original: “Not Just Another Love Story.” During our first year at the NarroWay Theater, that show ran from our opening on July 8, 2006 until Christmas. That is when we turned the beloved “Jerusalem In Lights” into “The Real Christmas Story.”

For the first time ever, the NarroWay cast was WARM during the Christmas show!

For the first time ever, we had restrooms instead of porta-johns! The sound of a flush was the sound of victory!

For the first time ever, the cast had a place with enough room to change costumes, a place with mirrors!!

For the first time ever, the cast didn’t have to “watch for snakes” before going on stage or be warned to re-apply sun screen at rehearsals.

For the first time ever, we took the Weather Channel off the top of our preferred television listing!

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Guest — Phyllis Simpson
I was there for 2 of the shows and it was faultless to my eyes even though I did see a few brooms and shoves very descriptive movi... Read More
Wednesday, 18 January 2017 15:55
Guest — Betty Moore-Bell
Oh.my.goodness! How I have laughed at your misfortune! I'm so sorry (tee hee)! Thanks for sharing! The visual is priceless!... Read More
Wednesday, 18 January 2017 16:23
Guest — Amy Manuel
This should be made into a movie. It would be epic!
Wednesday, 18 January 2017 17:14
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Chapter 40: In Spite of Everything

looking distraught

It was January, 2006. We left ourselves SIX MONTHS to turn the warehouse we bought into the theater we needed.

Not only did the facility have to experience a make-over but the electrical and structural requirements were gi-normous. Under the guidance of civil engineer and cast member, Kel Grenga, the roof had to be reinforced to support thousands of pounds of equipment. Huge custom steel beams were installed.

huge steel beam

The warehouse was equipped to run minimal electrical needs but NarroWay required a whopping 1000 Amps of power.

The warehouse had a few single-stall restrooms scattered about. NarroWay needed restrooms to accommodate an audience of 350!

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Chapter 39: Bulldozed

destroyed amphitheatre

Soon after we left the amphitheater in December, 2005, the new owner bulldozed that beautiful stage-replica of Jerusalem. Quickly that “holy ground,” which was originally purchased by the sacrifices of trusting Jim Bakker supporters, was sold to the highest bids of housing developers.

Now the whole place looks like a super-sized Monopoly game. Houses are everywhere with a few strip-mall type businesses and an assortment of churches.

amphitheatre rubble
amphitheatre dozed
amphitheater ruins
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Guest — Kathy Petot
God certainly works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform...time and time again. He is Faithful!!! and so are you! Love yo... Read More
Thursday, 05 January 2017 11:25
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