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Chapter 49: Part 2 - Life Lessons from the NarroWay Stage

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If aptly applied, these final five of the top ten corrections made on the NarroWay stage might transform your life.
Rehearsal Principle 6: “COME PREPARED!”

The Bible says “how can you prepare for what you don’t know is going to happen?” (Ecclesiastes 8:7) That’s not what this NarroWay correction is about.

This correction is used when a cast member knows we have a rehearsal, knows he has lines, received his blocking, was given a costume, was sent a practice track and still comes in clueless.

We aren’t talking about someone who tries and messes up. We’re talking about someone who doesn’t try.

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Chapter 50: The End

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And so ... that’s the story of how NarroWay came to be.
And it all started waaaaay before it actually started,
with a Word from God,
in an unexpected moment,
at an unlikely place,
to an undeserving person.

“You will call the company NARROWAY PRODUCTIONS.”

It wasn’t spoken as an invitation: Will you start a company?

It wasn’t a prediction: In the year 1996 you shall make preparations for a company at which time you shall call it NarroWay Productions.

It was a statement of fact.

God was giving us a heads up: Hey girls, this is your future.

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