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Have you ever wondered how NarroWay got its start? We're going back to the very beginning to walk through the incredible journey with NarroWay founders Rebecca Martin and Yvonne Clark!

Chapter 47: NarroWisms

teacher on stage

There’s a passel of LIFE lessons to be learned from the stage, especially at NarroWay. First, in the show lines that many of us quote, lines that often get us through an average day.

When we’re facing an insurmountable problem, we quote The Real Christmas Story: “Fly, donkey, fly!!!”

trying to fly

When we’ve had a terrible day and the staff comes to us with one more problem, we quote Anno Domini: “It is evening! Are we not yet through with today’s troubles?”

When we are down in spirit we quote Geronimo (Wounded Warrior): “Stand up, spirit!!”

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Chapter 46: The Blank Page

staring at blank page

The questions Rebecca and I are personally asked the most pertain to writing a NarroWay show: “What does it take to create a show? How long does it take? Where do you get your inspiration?”

For this reason, we are dedicating this chapter to answering those questions.

It doesn’t seem to be the most interesting of subjects to us, but there must be some who are curious.

So, here goes...

It starts with a blank page and a conviction from the Lord. I don’t try to come up with ideas for shows, they come to me as titles. I hear it in my spirit or in someone speaking and it’s like it is highlighted and in bold. I know that is a show.

When she first tells me, Rebecca may have no idea how that title translates into a script.

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Guest — Betty Moore-Bell
Praise Jesus for those blank pages, your God-given talents, and your patience and persistence!
Thursday, 23 February 2017 07:43
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Chapter 45: The Show Must Go On

looking at sky

What can go wrong on stage? The better question is, “What CAN’T go wrong on stage?” Over these many years in theater, there have been many mishaps.

When we were outdoors at the amphitheater, we used real fire. More than once we told the outdoor cast of “Lord of Light” to lower their torches when they ran under the rock arch with the half curtain!

Still, nearly every performance that flame-toting cast set the arch on fire.

The audience sat in wonder of the show as the headsets were buzzing with, “Fire! The arch is on fire!” until the stage manager beat it out. That curtain was short lived.

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