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birdie tableREBECCA –
I was convinced that if there was one person who would never accept Jesus, it was Birdie. So, when Birdie asked:“Why do you read your Bible?” I realized a remarkable truth: God trusts me with my friend’s eternal soul!
Rebecca turned to me and answered: “Because my Bible tells me that Jesus is the only way to be saved.”
I thought that sealed the deal! I was not expecting what Birdie said next!
“I don’t believe there is just one way. People have a right to their own opinions.”
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birdie bedBIRDIE –
You can literally look at my college records and see when I accepted the Lord. You see, when I had come home for Christmas that year, my dad had a “gift” for me. It was a letter, from the university, stating that I had been placed on academic probation.
It wasn’t a lack of intelligence that caused Birdie’s failing grades. It was because she didn’t care. She was out late with friends. She missed classes. She didn’t turn in her work. On top of that, she traveled a lot with the bands.
One day, I handed my World History professor an official excused-absence notice from the music department before class. 
He was a handsome tall Texan and we all had a “crush” on him.
He said: "Girl, you tell those folks in the music department that you’re gonna fail world history if you keep missing class - even if you are excused!"

But when I returned to college after Christmas break, this rebel changed! Rebecca rode back to school with me. We carried our luggage into the dorm room we shared and Rebecca leveled her eyes at me and said:

“From this point on, you won’t make anything less than a B in any class you take!”

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Chapter 6: All the Guys We Loved Before

college dating

Birdie with a prom date. This is the only remaining "date" photo to be found in the Martin & Clark archives! We found this one tucked in Birdie's baby picture book.


Sometimes people ask: "Did you ever take time to date?" Oh, yes! We were typical, crazy-about-guys high school and college girls; although we had very different preferences when it came to guys. Birdie went more for substance. I went more for the heart of the matter – looks.

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Guest — Connie Fields
What a blessing u both are to everyone! I look forward to your blog and can lose myself and visualize u both talking back and fort... Read More
Wednesday, 18 May 2016 19:29
Guest — Karen Small
This is the best thing I have read in a long time....Thanks so much for sharing....
Monday, 13 June 2016 14:28
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