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Have you ever wondered how NarroWay got its start? We're going back to the very beginning to walk through the incredible journey with NarroWay founders Rebecca Martin and Yvonne Clark!

Chapter 23: And We Called It NarroWay Productions


directors martin clarkBIRDIE –
It was a long trip from Charlotte back to Kentucky that Memorial Day in 1996. For ten years we had called our youth team at the church “CrossRoads,” but now it was us.

Behind us was security, success, friends, comfort, a paycheck!

In front of us was ... well, FAITH.

June through August we did every bit of research we could (without internet), as we continued a full schedule of church work. My most vivid memory is visiting one of the most successful outdoor dramas to meet with the manager. We told her what we were thinking about doing. She said: “If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t. It’s just been too hard!”
I stood there listening to her and the thought went through my mind: “Nah, not us. We know what we’re doing. We got this thang!!”

People, do you have any idea how many times God has rubbed my face in that thought?

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Chapter 22: That Day


birdie rebecca talkingREBECCA –
After Tessie’s call on April 24, 1996, we started making arrangements to see this “place” that the Lord had brought to mind as she read from Jeremiah 32.

Oddly enough, a couple of years earlier the Malaysian company which purchased the defunct Heritage USA property had asked Dr. Joe to serve on an Advisory Board regarding its use. So, after Tessie’s experience and our phone conversation with her, Joe inquired regarding the current status of the amphitheater and asked if we could see it.

A month after the initial call, on Sunday, May 26, 1996, Memorial Day weekend, we completed our church obligations and headed for Charlotte, NC. I can still feel my heart jumping as we drove that day. My spirit kept whispering: “This is it! This is it!”

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Chapter 21: The Day the Phone Rang

with Teresa Brown

ladies holding BibleThis is the beginning. Three. Armed only with a specific Word from God, a Bible in hand, and a prayer that said: Anything you want us to do, we will do it! BIRDIE –
The day the phone rang was like having a giant bowl of popcorn and tripping on the way to the couch and everything in the bowl just got tossed into the air.

Something happened that year. I don’t mean a specific “event” or issue. Our spirit was troubled. Something wasn’t right.

It was like a homesick feeling. The feeling you get when you want to stay somewhere forever but you know it’s time to go.

I remember standing in the house and making this statement to Birdie: “By the time we are forty years old, NarroWay will be something.” I don’t remember what we were discussing or why I said it.

I felt a whole lot like Jacob in Genesis 32:24-26. The Bible recounts the story where Jacob wrestled with the Lord. The struggle was difficult and long but Jacob would not let go until God blessed him.

When God has had you long, long, long on the potter’s wheel - shaping, pressing, forming, pushing, spinning - making you into the vessel he needs. There is a struggle when it is time to pry that damp, vulnerable clay off the wheel.

We shared an office. On the morning of April 24, 1996 we had prayed out loud for some reason.
I was at my desk at one end of the office. Rebecca was on the opposite side. I prayed first.

I remember nothing about the prayers except what I declared in my last sentence:

“God, no church is in control of our destiny.
No man (as in human being) is in control of our destiny.
YOU are in control of our destiny and we commit to do whatever you want us to do.”

And the phone rang.

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