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Chapter 13: Humming "I Surrender All" (In the Key of D)


Sparwars at WhitesburgBIRDIE –
Year three, first church.
By now we had established an annual teen event called: SPARWARS!

Vernard, a church deacon, taught karate so we built an event which culminated in a big karate feat.

Vernard laid his head on one chair and his heels on another. James, another friend, laid concrete slabs on his unsupported middle section and set them on fire. Then James busted the concrete on Vernard’s chest with a sledge hammer!

Now what teen wouldn’t love that?

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Chapter 14: How Do You Know When God Speaks?

recording studio keyboard

Every Spring we made the 7-hour trip to Paducah, KY to record a soundtrack for a new musical.

1982 – Reflections
1983 – Prodigal Prince
1984 – Meet Me Here
1985 – Not Just Another Love Story
1986 – Papa, Me and the Gift of Love

Year four I told my daddy that I felt led to write a show that was set during the days of World War II. He proudly served in the army during that war so I asked him to tell me about life back then. That’s when I wrote, “Not Just Another Love Story.”

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Chapter 15: De'ja' Vu


hubert wolfs busBirdie and Rebecca with Hubert Rosenbaum from Wolf's Bus Lines, York Springs PA. Hubert drove the tour bus for every CrossRoads youth tour.REBECCA –
Déjà vu is a French word that literally means "already seen.” We use it to describe the strange sensation that an event has already been experienced.

Did you ever have that feeling?

That’s how it felt when we started over at our next church.

Again, there was no youth program and the choir was a faithful few. We went from the grandeur of success to thinking “how the heck are we going to make this happen again?”

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