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Have you ever wondered how NarroWay got its start? We're going back to the very beginning to walk through the incredible journey with NarroWay founders Rebecca Martin and Yvonne Clark!

Chapter 38: Showdown

directors wearing western

So, it was over.
Our time at King’s Arena.

When you’re saying good-bye, no one remembers the bad times – the electrical storms, the leaking roofs, the flooding stage, the molding costumes, the cancelled tickets, the sunburn rehearsals, the aluminum benches, the snakes and black-widow spiders, the rain-checks, gusting winds and freezing to death at Christmas.

performing in rain

Nope! Most everyone looked at that old warehouse we were moving to and that grand amphitheater we were leaving and said, “How are you ever going to make this happen?”

We didn’t know the answer to that question.

We just knew we HAD to make it happen.

We kept saying to each other, “Surely God will help us.”

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Chapter 37: The Chandelier

birdie hugging momma

At the amphitheater the Christmas show opened on Thanksgiving weekend so we had an all-day rehearsal scheduled for Saturday, November 20. Keep in mind, Birdie had breast cancer surgery on Wednesday, November 17! But do you think she missed the Saturday rehearsal?

I was a little late that day.

She never missed a rehearsal or a performance! We finished a great Christmas season and Birdie started chemotherapy.

As does anyone who faces chemo, I so dreaded the day I would lose my hair. But, my best buddy, Rebecca, helped me to find a new perspective on life.

We decided that, before cancer could take Birdie’s hair, she would instead give it.

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Chapter 36: When it Rains It Pours

sitting in rain

Performing in an outdoor amphitheater, we got used to the rain. But sometimes, when it rained, it poured!

We didn’t realize 2004-05 would be our last years at King’s Arena. Our lease was for nine years, 1997-2005, with first option to renew for six years.

When we signed that lease in October 1996, I remember thinking, “Nine years! That’s such a long time!” ...HA!
We had talked to the property owners several times about purchasing the amphitheater, but, they wanted to sell the 2000+ acres as a whole.

...Not exactly in our budget!

Besides affordability, the amphitheater was in a terrible location and needed costly repairs. But we all loved it and couldn’t imagine leaving.

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