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Chapter 34: The Little Things

birdie and rebecca

7 years = 61,320 hours. And most of what makes up 61,320 hours will never make it into a chapter. It’s the little stuff. But, without it, the big stuff doesn’t happen.

1997 –
We renovated the amphitheater and opened “Two Thieves & A Savior” and “Jerusalem In Lights.”

two thieves show image
jerusalem in lights show image

1998 -
We were told that we needed to secure something called a “domain name” and establish something called a “website” – with no clue as to how significant that would be to the future!

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Chapter 35: The Name

narroway sign

Names are very important to God. We see that throughout the Bible. That’s why, when God clearly told me to NAME the company NarroWay Productions, we took it seriously.

We immediately started calling everything we did “a NarroWay Production” and even incorporated NarroWay in Kentucky - though we couldn’t tell the lawyer what it would do!

kentucky incorporation

After years of cherishing the name, we finally found out what NarroWay was to be in 1996, when we set out to forge a new path for Christian theater.

Rebecca and I were novice entrepreneurs. The logistics of heading a business were new to us.
So, in the process of the whole overwhelming undertaking, it never occurred to us that the NarroWay name didn’t actually belong to us unless it was trademarked.

When we realized, panic ensued!

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Chapter 36: When it Rains It Pours

sitting in rain

Performing in an outdoor amphitheater, we got used to the rain. But sometimes, when it rained, it poured!

We didn’t realize 2004-05 would be our last years at King’s Arena. Our lease was for nine years, 1997-2005, with first option to renew for six years.

When we signed that lease in October 1996, I remember thinking, “Nine years! That’s such a long time!” ...HA!
We had talked to the property owners several times about purchasing the amphitheater, but, they wanted to sell the 2000+ acres as a whole.

...Not exactly in our budget!

Besides affordability, the amphitheater was in a terrible location and needed costly repairs. But we all loved it and couldn’t imagine leaving.

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