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Chapter 47: NarroWisms

teacher on stage

There’s a passel of LIFE lessons to be learned from the stage, especially at NarroWay. First, in the show lines that many of us quote, lines that often get us through an average day.

When we’re facing an insurmountable problem, we quote The Real Christmas Story: “Fly, donkey, fly!!!”

trying to fly

When we’ve had a terrible day and the staff comes to us with one more problem, we quote Anno Domini: “It is evening! Are we not yet through with today’s troubles?”

When we are down in spirit we quote Geronimo (Wounded Warrior): “Stand up, spirit!!”


When someone clearly misses the obvious we quote Billy Loves Bobby Sue: “Look at the pictures, Nadine! Look at the pictures!”

grandma on phone

When everyone is voicing an opinion, we quote Samson: “As your leader, how can I please everyone? I CAN’T!!”

When one of us does something foolish we quote The Real Christmas Story: “What were you thinking? You weren’t thinking! That’s what you were thinking!!” Or, “I’m an elf on edge, Donna! Don’t push me!”

angry child

When someone yells for one of us from across the hall, it’s The Gospel According to Tennessee: “I hear ya! I’m comin’!”

When one of us has a great solution to a problem, we quote The Fourth Cross: “Ahh, but I have a plan, Simon!”

To which the other one of us replies: “Why do I suddenly get the urge to run for my life?!”

Simon and Barabbas

When tragedy strikes we draw a wealth of comfort from the lines of Geronimo, like: “God knew.”

And this profound truth: “Life moves from day to day, much like a book moves page to page. The story flows, unveiling dreams and disasters and developing the characters. But there come points where one is forced to lay the book down. Here, he or she will place a bookmark. With that bookmark somehow life is put on hold and it almost seems time stands still. It does not always come at the end of a chapter or at a convenient stopping place. However, each time a book is marked, the reader must decide whether or not he will again pick it up and finish the story.”

angel with human
Geronimo book

When we feel weary, from Anno Domini: “I can’t do it father.”

child with father

When we procrastinate, it’s Lord of Light: “Just... not... tooo---day.”

When one of us gets stuck in a lengthy gripe session, we say: “Move on, Bobby Sue! Move on!”

Macy and Bobby Sue

Or it’s all about to come down on our heads, from Samson we yell: “The Philistines are upon us!!”

Samson with Philistines

And when we discover that we have committed to a senseless endeavor, there is no better line than out of Two Thieves And A Savior: “Why would anyone but a mindless baboon agree to such a plan?”


The Fourth Cross is quoted often in the NarroWay office when someone comes up with a great plan: “Brilliant, but we have no time to waste!”

Then there’s Mr. Perkins' philosophy on life from Twenty Years Ago: “Don’t take life so serious. It ain’t nothin’ but eatin’, sleepin’, workin’ and playin’ no-how. Then you’re old, fat, tired and it’s over!”

Mr. Perkins

Got regrets? From Samson: “Chapter 16 – a whole lot of people wish they’d never turned the page into that chapter of life.”

For the times we just want to see justice served, the words of Not Just Another Love Story: “We like to see people get what’s coming to them, don’t we? It’s so easy to forget that, at one time or another, we’ve all got it coming to us.”

Maggie and Alice

Over the past several years, this line from Not Just Another Love Story has silenced many a-criticism: “Young folks, you’re growing up in a day that pokes fun at the President. I had the privilege of growing up in a day that wept for him.”

Birdie loves it when a staff member asks if she has time to listen to an idea. Most often they hear this line from Anno Domini: “The council will hear your suggestion.”

Pharisee council

When we feel mistreated, Twenty Years Ago reminds us: “Love is a river, not a reservoir.”
And when we feel justified, Not Just Another Love Story reminds us: “After all the mercy that’s been handed out to me, who is this old piece of clay to tell another piece of clay, he’s dirt?”

soldier with uncle

When we feel betrayed, Samson warns us, “It is easier to love someone than to trust them.”

Over the many years we have together made some foolish decisions, so we turn to Two Thieves and A Savior for our line: “We are both donkeys!!”

thieves plotting

Overwhelmed? Neither of us can resist quoting Twenty Years Ago: “Times are hard!”

Criticism? The Fourth Cross has the line: “I will not listen to your scathing remarks! Leave me alone!”


Then there are lines that, well, we live by, and repeat often, like the Warrior’s Creed from Geronimo.

“A warrior must have the endurance of the wolf and the courage of the panther.

He must learn to bear pain - without complaining! And he must NEVER give up because he is tired.”

yound Geronimo with father

And when we ask ourselves if it’s worth it, the answer comes from Not Just Another Love Story: “Sometimes there’s a high price to pay for the things that really matter in this world. But when you get to be an old man, it’s worth it.”

After all, “Yesterday is the monument on which is carved the things we do today.”
(Twenty Years Ago)

cast from 2004

Our goal at NarroWay has always been to deliver a life-changing, God-driven message. But, more often than not, we find that we are the greatest recipients.

There are many more show lines that, week after week, convict our hearts, make us laugh and encourage us to keep going. Around here, we call them NarroWisms.

Next time you come to a NarroWay show, find one.


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