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Chapter 7: Listen for Lottie


college stepsREBECCA –
Our senior year in college we both began to sense that God wanted to do “something” with us.

I don’t remember how it came about. It wasn’t a revelation, but more like something we just grew to know.

We had the oddest idea that we were a team. We didn’t think of it as a calling into the “ministry,” because it was very taboo for a female to think about “ministry” as a profession. So we called it “something.”


matching shirtsA friend bought us matching t-shirts. We thought it was corny then, and now we wear matching jackets for every NarroWay show!

As in: God wants us to do “something.”
We got a new college suitemate, from another country. She seemed to be very “spiritual.”

Of course anyone would have seemed “spiritual” in comparison to the suitemate who preceded her.

That girl was a kleptomaniac! ...

You think we’re kidding! She stole everything! Even my high school class ring! I’m still mad about it.

I awoke in the middle of the night to find her going through the room!

Yep ... she was crazy!

We’re off the subject ...

Sorry ...

This new girl spoke in tongues and said she was “spiritual.”

Neither of us had ever met anyone who spoke in tongues, so that seemed like a spiritual thing to do. She could turn it off and on, like a faucet. But no one had a clue what she was saying. One night she asked if she could pray for us.

Who is going to turn down being prayed for? Not us. We were struggling with finding God’s direction.

Standing in that small dorm room, in a huddle, she laid her hands on our heads.

At first, she cried out in an unrecognizable language. Then, in words we could understand, she prophesied over us: “These two will never work together; they will part ways.”

At that time we didn’t know what the future held but, right then, God was placing a seed into the hearts of the team who would start NarroWay Productions. That was an ungodly prophecy!

I felt uneasy.

I defaulted to my 24/7 On-Call-Spiritual-Help-Line – my sister, Tessie, and her pastor husband, Joe Brown!

A few days later, a letter came from home. It was from Joe and Tessie.

Real mail! Snail-mail. Handwritten. Oh! I would love to find that treasure!

If that young pastor had been guided by reason or social norms, Joe Brown might have written something like this:

"Of course you won’t serve the Lord as a team. Use logic. No one is going to hire one woman in a ministry position, let alone two! Consider working with children! Or become missionaries!"

Those are vital, important callings, but they weren’t our calling.

Instead, Joe let God’s word speak.

The letter started something like this:

"Paul had a Silas, John Mark had a Barnabas, David had a Jonathan, Moses had an Aaron ... "

Then Joe Brown proceeded to encourage us.

ENCOURAGEMENT: to breathe or inhale life into the human soul. To literally place courage into someone!

Sometimes, people criticize pastors who encourage. Encouragement may or may not lead to salvation, but there have been times encouragement is what kept me going.

With graduation nearing, we had job offers and promising futures. But this sense of calling became weightier. Sometimes, I would cry with conviction. One day Tessie asked if the Lord might be leading us to continue our education by attending a theological seminary.

We felt “right” about that, so I asked, “What do we do?” Tessie explained. Then she told us that seminary tuition would be considerably cheaper if we were members of a Southern Baptist church.

We attended a Baptist church at college, but we didn’t know there were as many kinds of Baptists as there are wild birds!

“How do we know if it is a Southern Baptist church?”

Tessie answered: “This Sunday, listen if someone says ‘Lottie Moon.’ If they do, you’re in a Southern Baptist church!”

Code word “Lottie Moon” scribbled in hand. It’s off to church we go.

The pastor got up ...

We leaned forward ...

“This Sunday begins our foreign missions emphasis. You will find offering envelopes in your pew for the LOTTIE MOON Christmas offering.”

We nearly jumped out of our seats!

We slapped hands!

Everyone in church was thrilled to see two college girls sooooo excited about foreign missions!

Lottie Moon! We were in!!

I guess you could say we won the Lottie!!seminary envelope

seminary acceptance

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Guest - Connie Fields on Wednesday, 25 May 2016 19:54

Wonderful!!!!! A blessing indeed!

Wonderful!!!!! A blessing indeed!
Guest - Ramona Reynolds on Wednesday, 25 May 2016 20:33

That's funny...but a sure way to know an SBC church!
I like hearing your stories, now as much as ever.

That's funny...but a sure way to know an SBC church! I like hearing your stories, now as much as ever. Thanks!
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Friday, 12 August 2022
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