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Chapter 32: Keep Your Eyes on Jesus


Rebecca looking upREBECCA –
We met some unique people during our amphitheater days.

There was the man who showed up late one night and declared that God had given him a vision for us! The plan: sell the amphitheater sewage and not charge anything for tickets.

Well, that stinks! (Bahahaha!!!)

My thoughts, exactly.


biblical animalsAnd, no, he wasn't talking about the fertilizer kind!

There was also the group of people who prayed by sitting with their hands on computer keyboards. Closing their eyes and meditating, they believed “God” typed out messages within the garble.

Then there was a charismatic husband and wife duo who, when they prayed for someone, the person would lethargically fall, then shake uncontrollably.

Let us rest at this thought, for a short moment...
The idea of this happening distressed Birdie, so much so that she had a great phobia of such-a-thing happening to her! Holy Spirit or not, she preferred to have no part of it.

I was raised Presbyterian!

Now, about this same time, Birdie was experiencing some prolonged medical issues. She had serious vocal damage and had lost her voice. We were very concerned!
One morning I prayed more fervently than usual for her and specifically asked God to send help for Birdie.

The office phone rang. Rebecca answered and left.

The duo I mentioned above was in the lobby and asked to see me. I greeted them.
Me: Hey guys!
Couple: What do you need?
Me: .... Uhhhhhh... Are you asking me what I need?
Couple: Yes.
Me: .... But, you called for me.
Couple: The Lord told us you needed something and we were to come and pray.

Uhhh....You know the feeling you get when you think you might be on candid camera?

So the office phone rang again. It was Rebecca.

I whispered the names of the couple.

(Me, full volume.) Yeah, I know who you’re talking about.

(Me, whispering.) Weeeellllllll...I told them about your voice. They came to pray for you.

(Me at a fuller volume.) NO WAY!! I AM NOT GOING TO LET THEM KNOCK ME DOWN!!

(Me, gruff whisper.) Birdie, listen! There was nothing I could say! You have to come down!


They are here to pray for you and, by golly, I asked God to send help and you are coming down to be prayed for!

Rebecca shamed me into coming down but there was no smile on my face. When she met me at the bottom of the steps, I told her, “I am NOT getting knocked down!”

God forgive me, but one of the funniest sights I have ever seen in my life was when that sweet couple laid their hands on Birdie. They all peacefully closed their eyes then BIRDIE GRABBED HOLD OF A POST BESIDE HER!!

You might be wondering what happened.

She didn’t go down!

No, but during the prayer, the wife laid her hand on my stomach and said, “There is fire here.”
Not long afterwards, I was diagnosed with severe acid reflux, which, turned out, was burning my vocal chords.

birdie with guitarOnce diagnosed, Birdie was able to be treated, adjust her diet and continue singing.
birdie singingAnd she continues to sing today!

Another morning I awakened with this thought: “Keep your eyes on Jesus.” The thought wouldn’t leave me!
“Keep your eyes on Jesus!” (Hebrews 12:2a)
So, on the way to the amphitheater, I told Birdie that God was impressing heavily upon me that we must keep our eyes on Jesus.

Well, that day, I was working at the arena. Birdie had gone over to the obscure old chapel building we used for rehearsals sometimes. No one but me knew she was there.

While working, some cables were unplugged and I was under my equipment trying to figure it out for some time. When I finished and stood up, those same two people were standing quietly in the room with me.
My reaction was similar to that of the Bethlehem shepherds when the heavenly host appeared!!

No idea how long they had been standing there!

They said, “The Lord told us you were here and to come give you this message: ‘Keep your eyes on Jesus.’”

Hebrews scripture

People come packaged in all sorts of cultures, colors, dispositions and personalities. Sometimes we get to thinking that God is an English-speaking, law-abiding American and Heaven is His 501c-3 tax-exempt organization.

God can do anything He wants to do,
any way He wants to do it,
through ANY ONE He wants to use.

So, RESPECT EVERYONE, especially the ones who aren’t like you. Who knows? You might be in the presence of an angel. (Hebrews 13:2)

And, take it from me, folks - “Keep your eyes on Jesus!”

Jesus in Heaven

Comments 2

Guest - Amy Manuel on Wednesday, 16 November 2016 15:27

This was the best story yet! I gathered the kids to reread it and laugh about poor Birdie! We loved it!

This was the best story yet! I gathered the kids to reread it and laugh about poor Birdie! We loved it!
Guest - Shannon Davis on Wednesday, 16 November 2016 15:54

Agreed! And what I love about working with them as much as I do and knowing them as well as I do is I can see the expressions on their faces and hear them as I am reading it all. LOL

Agreed! And what I love about working with them as much as I do and knowing them as well as I do is I can see the expressions on their faces and hear them as I am reading it all. LOL
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