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Chapter 16: When God Delivers Cookies to Your Door

pikeville shared officeRebecca and Birdie shared an office and a home provided by the church. Folks say that creative people often have messy desks. If so, these are two of the most creative people you’ve ever met!

The house phone rang. Mom was visiting so she answered it. An older gentleman replied: “I’m calling for the girls.”
“They’re at the church. You can reach them there.”
“I won’t disturb them. Tell them that Walter P. Walters called. They are doing a great job. I thank God for them.”

Walter P. Walters was an influential business man and a member of our new church. More importantly, he had a heart for God. He was elderly. I don’t know how old he was. Seems the older I get, the younger “old” seems!

While some from his generation complained because the growing number of youth were loud, dressed differently and left the church messy, Mr. Walters praised God for them!

Mr. Walters taught a Bible Study class for elderly men. He also sponsored an annual event, inviting men from all walks of life to come enjoy dinner and entertainment. Then, he told them about Jesus.

He and Doug Hinkle, president of Walter P. Walters Insurance Agency, asked us to entertain at that first-class event.

They always encouraged us.
I remember sitting in Doug Hinkle’s impressive office. He looked across his desk at Birdie and told her how very much he enjoyed hearing her sing.

I was so humbled. His comments were a great personal encouragement to me.

Along the way, we had life’s share of obstacles and discouragements, too! Ultimately, they made us stronger, more stubborn, and more determined, because there were so many who stood on our sidelines yelling: “You’re a winner!! ‘Run! Forest! Run!’”

On one occasion it was evening and I was still at the church, writing music. I had just lost days of work when my computer program crashed.

I was writing at home – away from the music. We had pressing deadlines and were facing some really hard choices as a staff.
Laden with a heavy work load and worrisome thoughts, we were disheartened.
I bowed my head and wept, “Lord, I am so discouraged. I beg you to send someone to encourage us.”

The doorbell rang.
The basset hound began to bark.
I flipped on the porch light.
There stood Lisa Kelly, smiling like an angel.

Lisa was a teenager in our youth team.

crossroads tour

She said,
“I baked you and Birdie some cookies. I want you to know how much we all love you.”

I could hardly believe my eyes!
God had cookies delivered - by an angel - right to the door.

God has put the right person, in the right place, doing the right thing at the door of NarroWay throughout her history.

From the time the Lord said: “Call the company NarroWay Productions,” we had called ourselves by the name. One day we realized that wasn’t what the Lord said to do. He told us to call the company by that name.

So, Rebecca says she’s going to call a lawyer and name the company. There were a lo-o-o-ot of lawyers. She just picked one.

Lawyer: “How can I help you?”
Rebecca: “I want to incorporate a business?”
Lawyer: “Okay. What kind of company is it?”
Rebecca: “What do you mean?”
Lawyer: “Is it a for-profit or a non-profit?”
Rebecca: “What’s the difference?”
Lawyer: “What’s it going to do?”
Rebecca: “I don’t know.”
Lawyer: “Why do you want to start a company?”
Rebecca: “I don’t. I just want to name it.”

It’s the truth!

Lawyer: “I have to know what the company does!”
Rebecca: “Ummmm... we write theatrical productions?”
Lawyer: “So does it hold the rights to the productions?”
Rebecca: “That sounds good!”
Lawyer: “We will incorporate it as a for-profit.”
Rebecca: “Okay, but it’s not going to make any money.”
Lawyer: “sigh.... What’s the name?”
Rebecca: “NarroWay Productions.”

Months passed. We didn’t hear anything so Rebecca called back. This time a lady answered the phone.

Lady: “He never got back with you? I’ll take care of this for you.”

This female fireball made short order of the work and the first version of NarroWay Productions was incorporated in the state of Kentucky in 1991.

rebecca's shareholder certificate
birdie's shareholder certificate

Unbeknownst to me, I was talking to Virginia Justice that day.

Virginia, and her attorney husband Joe, would one day become our best friends. And, five years later, they would walk with us every step of the journey, to incorporate and start the NarroWay you now know.

Don’t you just love it when God has cookies delivered right to your door?

joe virginia justice(L-R: Rebecca Martin, Joe Justice, Virginia Justice, "Birdie" Clark) Rebecca and Virginia are obviously the only ones in this photo who got the memo that an important picture was going to be taken!


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