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K. Rebecca Martin and Yvonne H. Clark are the founders, writers and directors of NarroWay Productions. Each holds a Master's Degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in their respective fields. The two have worked together as a music and drama team for more than 35 years.


20 years
This blog post begins our 20-Year Anniversary Series. Want to know how NarroWay came to be? Who's idea was it to start this world-class, Christian theater? Get a first-hand account from the founders, K. Rebecca Martin and Yvonne "Birdie" Clark, as they tell their story from the very beginning.
We met in college. I was down a week early for sorority rush.
Birdie –
I was down a week early for band camp.
Rebecca –
Total opposites!
Birdie –
My third-floor roommate for the year ended up being Rebecca’s roommate for sorority rush. I was running down the steps with my tenor sax, headed for field practice when I heard: “Oh look! It’s my roomie! Rebecca, this is Birdie!”
Rebecca –
There was a reason Birdie wasn’t in sorority rush.
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sam clarkSam Clark, R. PH.BIRDIE-

I was a pre-med major in college, but my life was completely wrapped up in music.

My dad is a pharmacist, so I grew up working in our family-owned pharmacy. I had a healthy respect for drugs. As a teen, when someone decided to pop a prescription pill they had taken out of their parents’ medicine cabinet, I would say: “That’s going to slow down your heart rate down and that one will give you diarrhea!”

My future as a doctor was predictable; however, my life was filled with music! My mom started me in piano lessons at age seven. Oh the pain I must have caused Mrs. McCready, my teacher.

I always conveniently “forgot” that I had a piano lesson.

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birdie novaBIRDIE IN HER MOST PRIZED POSSESSION - HER ORANGE CHEVY NOVA I was riding with her the day 80-year-old Nellie P. Denny rammed her beaten-up jalopy into the side of Birdie's orange soulmate. Birdie got out of the car, looked at the damage, laid her head down on the hood of her beloved car and cried!BIRDIE –
Rebecca and I were now roommates, but I still ran with my 3rd floor buddies. In her new role as Mrs. Kefoffer’s "chosen" Resident Assistant, Rebecca assured me that if my rowdy friends or I broke any rules, she would still turn me in. Have you seen the movie MAJOR PAYNE? There are similarities. She obviously wasn’t going for “Most Popular” in the dorm.
It’s a miracle I wasn’t murdered! Back to the roommate deal ... On the bathroom door, facing the bunk beds, was a full-length mirror. Birdie slept on the top bunk. Every night when we turned off the lights, I got in my bottom bunk and flipped on a small lamp attached to my bed. Then I took out my Bible and read.
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