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Kelly Grenga: Changing Roles


jesus with childPlaying the part of Jesus, Kelly Grenga holds daughter Talia as they reenact a resurrection miracle in "The Fourth Cross."

His "audition" came when he donned a temple guard costume because a friend said NarroWay needed a "fill in" for the weekend. So he walked on stage, looking as "soldier-like" as possible, but with no idea what to expect. That was fifteen years ago. At that time, Kelly Grenga was a young college student nearing graduation - the only son in a family of six. Today, he is a successful entrepreneur - and father in a family of five. 

His roles have changed through the years: Temple Guard, Soldier,  Fighting Angel, Samson, Jesus...Son, Brother, Husband, Father. But he approaches each one with the commitment to suceed. "You always make time for the things that are important to you," says Grenga. 

"I want the things that are important to me to be the same things that are important to God. That means my priorities have to be the same as His. When I die I want this world to be a better place because I was in it. That's not going to happen if I'm at home watching TV. I need to be active in going out and loving God, loving people, and being a Christian to the world around me!"

temple guard

Third from the left, Grenga became involved at NarroWay when a friend asked him to "fill in" as a temple guard.

fighting angel

Very quickly, his martial arts skills were put to use as a fighting angel.

Active he is. Not only is he committed to numerous roles on the NarroWay stage, off stage Grenga is an industrious entrepreneur. Currently self-employed as a dog breeder, Biofeedback therapist and balloon artist, he is beginning a fourth business in residential real estate that he hopes will eventually replace the other three. Additionally, he enjoys beekeeping, martial arts, strategy games and about anything outdoors.

When asked how he balances his time, he admits, "Sometimes I don't. Sometimes things that I would like to get done, don't get done. Before and after work (and sometimes during) I try to spend time with my God, wife, and kids, take care of the house, and get work outs in. There are times I feel like I am doing about twice as much as I should about half as well as I could."

Kelly and his wife Catherine have been married nine years and have three children, all under the age of seven. The entire family participates on the NarroWay stage.

kelly grenga family

Kelly and his wife Catherine along with their three children following a performance of "The Fourth Cross."

soldier family

Kelly and Catherine with their two oldest children on stage during "Not Just Another Love Story."

In today's culture, young families face many challenges. Pressure to "succeed," the influence of pop culture and social media, the balance between work and family-- the list goes on. But Kelly and Catherine are committed to facing these challenges together. Their involvement at NarroWay has had a positive impact. "It is one thing to spend time together, it's another to work together for the Kingdom," says Kelly. "The closer a family is to Christ the more love they have for one another, which means better relationships. NarroWay is a place where my family can use their talents in ministry to others which is not only a bonding experience, but also something of eternal worth." 

dancingAccomplished dancers, Kelly and Catherine dance together in "Not Just Another Love Story."

Currently, Grenga is in rehearsals for "Samson: the Last Judge." The show opens August 4 and he plays the biblical hero, Samson. He also fills the role of "Jesus" in "The Fourth Cross" and plays the part of "Gabriel" in "Lord of Light." Besides his acting roles, Kelly also serves as NarroWay's stage combat instructor. A fifth degree black belt in mixed martial arts, Grenga choreographs all battle scenes and trains fighters to fill each role. 

samsonIn "Samson: the Last Judge" Grenga has ample opportunity to use his stage combat skills.

When asked about being a father, Grenga has an eternal perspective. "It means that I have been entrusted with the care and task of raising little people in order to demonstrate to them through my relationship with them, the best I can, what it means to have a relationship with a heavenly Father." He encourages young fathers to realize the same. "Spend time with your Father and develop that Father/son relationship with Him so that you can model the effects of that relationship through your life for your children to see. Children won't respond to your rules but they will respond to the love of the Father."


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Saturday, 13 August 2022
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