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18 Wheels and 9 Reindeer: Meet James Gordon

santa and mrs claus

James and his wife, Tiffany, as Santa and Mrs. Claus

On the road, he commands an 18-wheeler. On the stage he travels with 9 reindeer. James Gordon is a truck driver by day, but he might just leave your cookie plate empty at night -- at least in the imagination of the nearest pre-schooler at Christmas. James plays the character of Santa Claus on the NarroWay stage. When you meet this gentle, kind-hearted man you might easily suspect typecasting. 

Regardless of his good nature, however, James has been cast in "bad guy" roles as well. A versatile actor, he transforms from jolly ol' St. Nick at Christmas to a mean, conniving pharisee at Easter. You'll find him in these conflicting roles when he takes to the stage in "The Real Christmas Story" and "The Fourth Cross." 



Gordon as a pharisee in "The Fourth Cross"


Able to excel in contrasting roles, Gordon is a versatile actor.

Having been on the NarroWay stage for eight years, changing roles is "old hat" for James. Recently, however, he has learned to change roles off-stage, adding "Grandfather" to his repertoire. James and his wife, Tiffany, have four children who range in age from 12 to 23. Daughter Taylor recently supplied the couple with their first grandchild, adopting a beautiful baby girl, Daisy.   

James is often joined on stage by his youngest daughter, Anna Grace, along with wife Tiffany and Taylor. Most recently, Daisy made her appearance.

gordon and daughters

James with daughters Anna Grace and Taylor


Taylor carries Daisy in her stage debut

Having seen half his children through their teenage years and two more still to go, James describes fatherhood as a "roller coaster ride." But he is quick to add, "Being a dad means everything!" When asked what advice he might give a young father, he says "Don't allow yourself to be led by the world. Train your children up in the way they should go, and they'll never forget it."

James prioritizes his commitment to NarroWay because he believes doing so brings great value to his family. “NarroWay has helped me teach God's Word to my family in a way I may not have been able to do on my own," he says. "I came to know the Lord in 2009, and didn’t know anything about the Bible. It was mostly through being in NarroWay that the scripture I was learning in church was reinforced.” He values the platform NarroWay provides to share his faith with thousands through entertainment.

gordon in a 40s scene

An accurate baritone, James is a regular ensemble singer on stage.


Gordon as a wiseman in Act II of The Real Christmas Story.

Gordon appreciates the opportunity to perform and the community he has found in the cast. "I'm blessed to be a small link in the chain," he adds. "I enjoy performing with incredibly talented people." He and his family welcome the fellowship, friendship and support they find both on and off the stage. 

When not on stage, James enjoys camping, yard work and watching high school football. He treasures time with his family and playing with his new grandbaby.

Come November, Gordon will once again don red and white and work on his "Ho, ho ho." In real life, he may not be adept at sliding down chimneys, but this semi-driving Santa is committed to sharing the REAL Christmas story with everyone he meets. 


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Friday, 12 August 2022
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