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Meet a few good men from the NarroWay stage in this Father's Day mini-series. Get a glimpse into their lives as they balance God, family, profession and service while filling their most influential role: Dad. 

A few Good Men: Dads on the NarroWay Stage

Father's Day Mini-Blog Series

few good men

We often refer to the NarroWay cast as "ordinary people with extra-ordinary commitment."  People don't choose to be in NarroWay because they have free time. Most people on the NarroWay stage are some of the busiest people you'll meet. The people who last in NarroWay, are those who have extraordinary commitment - those who feel called to make time to make a difference.

Such is the case with the men you are about to meet. Maybe you've seen them as "Samson" or "Santa" or a bystander in a crowd. Maybe you've seen them listed in the credits under "Stage Manager or Tech Crew." But each one plays another role- one each man interprets a little differently - one that is developed every moment of every day: "Daddy." 

From nightlights to spotlights, these men balance the commitments of fatherhood and family with their vocations and calling to serve on the NarroWay stage. Super-human? No. Just super-committed. Good men. Men who believe that entertainment is changing the world. So they choose to change entertainment. Men who know that making a difference in eternity starts with making a difference at home. 

As we lead up to Father's Day, we hope you'll enjoy meeting a few NarroWay men who also answer to "Daddy." This isn't an all-inclusive list - just a few. There are more. And we're thankful for each and every one!

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Kelly Grenga: Changing Roles


jesus with childPlaying the part of Jesus, Kelly Grenga holds daughter Talia as they reenact a resurrection miracle in "The Fourth Cross."

His "audition" came when he donned a temple guard costume because a friend said NarroWay needed a "fill in" for the weekend. So he walked on stage, looking as "soldier-like" as possible, but with no idea what to expect. That was fifteen years ago. At that time, Kelly Grenga was a young college student nearing graduation - the only son in a family of six. Today, he is a successful entrepreneur - and father in a family of five. 

His roles have changed through the years: Temple Guard, Soldier,  Fighting Angel, Samson, Jesus...Son, Brother, Husband, Father. But he approaches each one with the commitment to suceed. "You always make time for the things that are important to you," says Grenga. 

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Preston Wells: Not a Minivan Man


wells family nine children


It's not uncommon for a man to find himself trading in the sports car for a minivan as his family increases. But Preston Wells is no "minivan man." With nine children ranging from 7 months to 15 years, Preston and wife Heather have long-since ditched the minivan for a 15-passenger.

Preston, Heather and their children have been involved in NarroWay for almost seven years. Word went out that a baby was needed for the 2011 Christmas show. Son Timothy was an infant at the time, so Preston and Heather agreed to bring him to fill the role of Baby Jesus in The Real Christmas Story. 

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