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Chapter 45: The Show Must Go On

looking at sky

What can go wrong on stage? The better question is, “What CAN’T go wrong on stage?” Over these many years in theater, there have been many mishaps.

When we were outdoors at the amphitheater, we used real fire. More than once we told the outdoor cast of “Lord of Light” to lower their torches when they ran under the rock arch with the half curtain!

Still, nearly every performance that flame-toting cast set the arch on fire.

The audience sat in wonder of the show as the headsets were buzzing with, “Fire! The arch is on fire!” until the stage manager beat it out. That curtain was short lived.

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Chapter 44: The Tail of Three Bassets

basset hound in front of theater

Jessie, JP, Jehu – you may not know these guys, but these are the men in our lives. They aren’t the typical clean-shaven, handsome hunks with which many of you share life.

Nope, these were MUCH easier to train!

Children... we love them, but they require time ...and food ...and money! And with the schedule we keep, there hasn’t been much time for social things or vetting husbands.

So, we got the next best thing to a man – a BASSET HOUND!!

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Chapter 43: The NarroWay Cast

narroway cast

Before we left everything.
Before we started it all.
Once God had shown us the vision.
When we were so afraid.
Early in the morning, before sunrise, Birdie and I would leave the house which the church provided for the staff. We walked a block, to the sanctuary. There we lay on the altar until the stained glass gathered the first rays of a rising sun.

“God!! Oh God!!”, we prayed, “If you are calling us to this overwhelming task, please call a people to walk alongside us!”

But before it was uttered, God had heard our prayer. He had seen the need before it arose.

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