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Chapter 28: The Animals Arrive

animals arrive for stage

Have you ever stood side by side with a 7-foot, 1200-pound camel looking you in the eyes and realize you are the one holding the rope? ...Yep, that there is a life experience!

We had to have animals on stage – camel, sheep, donkey, a horse. So, we made arrangements to lease animals from the Lazy Five Ranch in Mooresville, NC. It was Rebecca’s job to go pick them out because I was preoccupied with sound installation.

As the guide drove around, looking at their animals, I picked a few generic sheep – I mean, it’s hard to tell one sheep from another, a generic camel...

The man says to Rebecca, “That cow right there has been in a movie!” So...

People! Who doesn’t want a famous cow on stage!?

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Chapter 27: Two Thieves...and a Savior


two thieves sweatshirt

Spring 1997. The electrical work was almost finished. Audio and dmx cables were running through what seemed to be miles of conduit, under tons of concrete, all over the amphitheater.

The first equipment to be installed was the lighting. We decided to purchase ten intelligent lights rather than hundreds of conventional lights.

We had around fifty conventional lights from the ones we had salvaged.

Unlike conventional theater lighting, an intelligent light can move all directions, change to any color, cover anything from a small box on the stage to a large building, and has gobos to create special effects.

But intelligent lights couldn’t be installed outdoors in 1997. That would be like leaving your laptop outside on your deck year-round.

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Chapter 26: What Were We Thinking!

thinking what

Have you ever tried to step onto a running treadmill? I did ...........once!
That’s the best way to describe how Birdie and I looked when we changed addresses in January 1997 and set the first performance and public opening of the amphitheatre for May 22, 1997!


What were we thinking?!

After the lease was signed to occupy King’s Arena, the property manager told us that a national entertainment group had previously shown interest in the amphitheater area but backed out when they estimated it would take $2,000,000.00 to restore it and produce a show.

That was encouraging news!
We received a desperately-needed donation - $400,000.00, and started writing checks.
Lighting - $100,000.00.
Electricians - $30,000.00.
Marketing - $35,000.00.
Lumber, building supplies, liability insurance, property insurance, and the list went on.

I was accustomed to talking about money in terms of hundreds. Now we talked in tens-of-thousands.

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