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About NarroWay

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"Thank you for providing wholesome entertainment in a world where there are not many choices that are wholesome."
- Nancy H.

Great food! Great shows! A great time! That's what you'll find at NarroWay Productions. NarroWay is the premier Christian theater of the south and one of the few Christian theater companies in the world. With original dinner shows and a hearty serving of southern hospitality, NarroWay is a fun and wholesome experience for families, groups and people of all ages.

Located just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, NarroWay was officially incorporated in South Carolina on September 17, 1996. The non-profit was founded by long-time friends K. Rebecca Martin and Yvonne H. Clark to promote the message of Christ through world-class, Christian entertainment. The two continue to serve at the helm as writers and directors, producing fun and action-packed original shows for the NarroWay stage.

But NarroWay is more than a theater. NarroWay is a cause. Entertainment is changing the world. NarroWay is changing entertainment. A NarroWay show is more than a fun time; it's a life-changing experience. Join with us to use the influence of entertainment to change the world, one life at a time!

Learn more about how NarroWay got started in our "20th Anniversary Series Blog!"
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The NarroWay story...

  • 01 Premier Theater

    NarroWay is the premier Christian theater of the south.

  • 02 Broadway Style Shows
    Original, Broadway-style shows are NarroWay's trademark.
  • 03 Pie Plate
    And NarroWay features a variety of large-scale productions throughout the year.
  • 04 Jesus Teaching
    Some are set in Biblical times...
  • 05 World War2
    While others are set during various periods of history.
  • 06 Donkey Fun
    All are entertaining, inspiring and fun!
  • 07 Martin Clark
    NarroWay was founded by long-time friends, K. Rebecca Martin and Yvonne H. Clark.
  • 08 Kings Arena
    Incorporated in South Carolina in 1996, NarroWay first established her home at King's Arena.
  • 09 Theater Inside
    Purchasing property of her own, NarroWay moved indoors in 2006.
  • 10 Narroway Theater
    The NarroWay Theater is the current home of NarroWay Productions.
  • 11 Location
    And it is conveniently located on the NC / SC border at I-77 exit 90.
  • 12 Original Shows
    With original shows,
  • 13 Amazing Cast
    An amazing cast,
  • 14 Special Effects
    Stunning special effects,
  • 15 Live Animals
    And a host of live animals,
  • 16 Quality Entertainment
    NarroWay provides quality entertainment for all ages...
  • 17 Southern Hospitality
    And southern hospitality at its finest!
  • 18 Serving Dinner
    Each audience is greeted, seated and served by the performing cast.
  • 19 Meals
    Meals are themed with each show and prepared fresh on site.
  • 20 Buses
    Groups travel from all over the United States to see a NarroWay show.
  • 21 Great Reviews
    And NarroWay continues to receive excellent reviews.
  • 22 Narroway Poster
    See for yourself why NarroWay is "The Broadway of Christian Entertainment!"

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    I-77 Exit 90
    Carowinds Blvd.
    NC / SC Border
    Just outside of Charlotte!

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    The NarroWay Theatre
    3327 Hwy. 51 N
    Fort Mill SC 29715
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