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Solomon the Camel Celebrates Birthday #2
with Ice Cream Party

Whoopie Pies Ice Cream Hosts Meet and Greet

camel wearing crown
Solomon the Camel turned two years old on February 19.
[Fort Mill SC, February 20, 2024] NarroWay’s two-year-old camel, Solomon, celebrated his second birthday with friends, fans and ice cream on Monday, February 19. Solomon and his entourage of caretakers visited Whoopie Pies Ice Cream in Fort Mill SC, where he stood outside and welcomed guests to his birthday celebration. For the special event, Whoopie Pies offered $2 scoops to the public while the birthday boy received a complimentary scoop of vanilla.
kids kissing camel
Solomon receives kisses from two adoring fans.

Solomon performs on stage at the NarroWay Theatre in Fort Mill as part of NarroWay’s Broadway-style shows. The dromedary camel was born in Bellefontaine, Ohio, on February 19, 2022, and came to NarroWay just two months later. His white coat and massive size make him stand out in any crowd.

“When we brought him home, we bottle fed him 5 times a day,” remembers handler Angelina Steele. Now, Solomon stands 6 feet tall at the shoulder (7 feet at the hump) and weighs just under 1000 pounds. He will continue to grow until he is 5 to 7 years old, although not as rapidly.

Thankfully, Solomon is a gentle giant, as those who attended his birthday party can attest. Solomon greeted a variety of people from newborn babies to senior adults. One local childcare service, Blooming Einsteins, brought two bus loads of preschoolers to join in the celebration. playing games and eating their favorite ice cream.

Solomon greeted guests for an hour then enjoyed a birthday song and a small taste of vanilla ice cream. He responded to the ice cream with a rapid shake of the head and flapping of the lips. "I believe he prefers grass and leaves to ice cream," smiled Steele. Following the meet and greet, Solomon returned to the pasture he shares with a crew of other animals who perform with him on the NarroWay stage.

Solomon can be seen at the NarroWay Theatre in a number of shows. Currently, he is on stage for “The Fourth Cross,” a Broadway-style show set during biblical times. The show plays through the Easter season. Show times include Fridays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 12pm and 5pm.